I was born in 1959 in Geleen in the South of Holland. In 1975 I became acquainted with aviation and aviation photography at Maastricht Airport, then still known as "Beek" Airport, more or less the home base of Transmeridian and Tradewinds Canadair CL-44's and Britannia 175's (yes, I hear you thinking, what the heck is a CL44 or Britannia 175 ???, shame on you!!!). In 1976 I co-founded the First Limburg Air Spotters Team (1st LAST) and was involved in several aviation enthousiasts activities e.g. gathering the Maastricht Airport movements from the Airport Authorities books and send them in for publication in several aviation magazines (Airnieuws, Scramble etc.).

I took up photography with a small Kodak Brownie Starlet camera borrowed from my father - which I still have - loaded with 4x4 (type 127) black& white film, later replaced by my first SLR camera, the famous Asahi Pentax K1000 and later followed by a Pentax ME Super. In the 1990’s I acquired my first Nikon camera (F801S), followed by a Nikon F90, later on joined by a Nikon F50. In 2000 the first experiments with Digital photography were undertaken with a Sony DSC-75, which finally resulted in purchasing the first digital Nikon D100 SLR in 2003, later joined by a Nikon D70. In 2006 the D100 was replaced by its successor, the advanced Nikon D200. In 2008 a Nikon D300 was added to my equipment.

I have been working in the aviation branch for more than 25 years now. My first job was with the Royal Dutch Air Force in the ICT Department. After 3 years I moved to Transavia Airlines where I worked for 21 years in the ICT department as well as Commercial (Marketing &v Sales) Department. Currently I am working as an independent ICT consultant.

During the years I have been contributing to several aviation magazines as an editor as well as writer and photographer. My photos have appeared in several aviation magazines and books, on several aviation related websites and used by airlines and tour operators.

I was author and co-author of books like the Europe Airline Guide (EURAG) and the International Airline Guide (INTAG). The EURAG was published annually between 1988 and 1993 by Airnieuws and between 1994 and 1999 by EPS Publishers and the INTAG was published annually between 1994 and 1999 by EPS Publishers. I also co-authored the book Airlines & Airports - Coding & Decoding in the period 1994-1999.